The Novaturient

The Novaturient



  • Recommendations/Ideas/Inspiration for countries, cities, bucket-list sights catered to your interests.
  • General travel advice: packing tips, medical shots and gear, travel gear 

Introduction options: We give you two options to introduce yourselves and give us a summary of your wants/needs. 


  1. Introduction Skype: 15 minute Skype session with us where we will request a short summary of your interests, ideas, considerations thus far.
  2. 20 minute Skype call for further discussions according to ideas revealed during the first call. Conversation topics will include: preferred travel style, interests, country/cities considered, bucket list items, preferred atmosphere, a rough idea of length and budget. 
  3. You will be sent a document (PDF and Word) from us by email with all of the details discussed during the Skype calls, as well as further links and suggestions for your travel ideas. 
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