Maple Searup?

A creative spin on a Canadian staple, Maple Syrup.


We love Canada. It will always be home and where we grew up.

Canada represents the values we hold, and it's where our story first started.


… South East Asia: where we rediscovered ourselves and our passions.

…the Sea: where we feel completely nourished and our best selves.

How it all started . . .  

Our story starts more than twelve years ago. We met while attending University, became close friends, and fell deeply in love. After finishing school, we headed into the working world and bought our first property in the city of Toronto. Within a few years, we moved up the ladder in our jobs, traded in our car, and upgraded our condo. We were perfectly wrapped up in the materialistic and monopolized version of success. Yet, we both felt empty. In all that we attained, we didn’t feel like we were living a meaningful existence. By 2012, we realized that we had put travel pretty low on our priority list, so we began investing in experiences. We vacationed in the Caribbean, flew to Europe, and road tripped in North America when our work schedule would allow. 

That's when all of our "plans" started to crumble. It was then that we were introduced to an alternative. We started researching couples who had "traded it all in" for a nomadic lifestyle. With every story and every success, a new way of living inspired us to make a change. With the real-estate market flourishing in Toronto, we decided to sell our home, sell or store most of our belongings, and embark on a trip to see if we could find what had been missing. On August 2015, we left for Southeast Asia and spent the next couple of years travelling through Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. For the most part, we did it without the guide books and tours. We researched everything on our own or figured it out as we went along. It was the most overwhelming, enriching, and meaningful experience of our lives. We ended up finding ourselves. Who and what we've always been. 

Since then, we've returned to Canada for a few visits with family and friends, as well as dedicated time for discovering European destinations. Throughout the last two spring/summer seasons, we’ve road tripped and explored through France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Bosnia, Croatia, and Greece. Destinations by the sea in particular always pull us in. Along the road of exploration, we started to have more serious conversations about our future. We talked about how our creative visions could be a success if we just combined our skillset with our passions. This is how Maple Searup came to be. Together, we have built this idea from bullet points on a notepad to what we have today. Our goal has remained the same. To seek, to explore, to learn, and to be able to capture even a sliver of this world's diverse beauty through our lens.

Most recently, we’ve been working on launching our latest passion project. Our travelling podcast will be a direct look into who we are and what we think about a broad range of issues. We’ll talk about things we can agree on, many things we disagree over, and everything imaginable in between. Wherever we go, we’ll take you with us.

Stay tuned for our release coming up soon!