Using our skillset in teaching English as a second language, combined with our experience marketing business products online, we will work with you to create high quality written content. Our descriptive and creative style will accelerate your business by providing potential customers with a well-written presentation of your best features. When you integrate this with stunning visuals and a captivating website, your brand will stand out from the competitors. Businesses use a variety of online marketing tools in order to increase their exposure, so let us use our experience to widen your earning potential.


  • Catchy slogans and tag-lines that encapsulate the brand’s motto and highlight outstanding features

  • Descriptions: property, amenities, services, menus/food

  • Shared on all social media outlets


  • Full account setup for property listings on Airbnb (rooms/villas, pricing, calendar, terms & conditions, promotions).

  • Descriptions: property features, amenities, and surrounding location

  • Shared on all social media outlets


  • Editorial presentation of properties, products, services, accommodation, and/or tours

  • Narrative blog post/review about our first hand experience

  • Shared on all social media outlets


Free Consultations

We are pleased to offer free consultations to prospective clients. We truly believe that you deserve a unique and individualized approach that cannot be summed up with online standardized pricing. Together, we will work with you to develop services that are centred around your needs and a finished product catered to your vision.